Underlying virtually every script, narrative, or compelling story is some version of the classic hero’s journey. You know the format. Lead character embarks on an adventure of sorts, faces a pivotal crisis, ultimately winning the victory, and then emerges a newer, wiser, heroic version of themselves.

In the script of our everyday, often routine lives, it can be easy to neglect the fact that we are all heroes in our own right, on our own journey’s, slaying our own dragons on a daily basis.

We often recognize the Harriet Tubman’s, Oprah Winfrey’s, and Michelle Obama’s of the world as some special breed of super woman.

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But, the most important person to recognize as great is you! Often, especially when life is not going as expected, we neglect to recognize our own inner shero, but she is there. And today we honor her in all of her feminine glory with these 5 ways to recognize and cultivate the heroine within:

1.Know Your Worth Take inventory of what makes you valued, and if you can’t think of anything, I’ll give you number one. No matter who you are;  you have worth. You are valued and needed. For example, just being a woman gives us a special place in this world. Humanity could not survive without us. Though, it takes both a man and a woman to make a new person; women have the extra step – the beautiful privilege of housing life within, nurturing and bringing it forth into the world. Women were the last of God’s creations, and as some would say the apex.

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If knowing how special you already are just by being alive doesn’t make you feel like you could rule the world, keep reading for the other four tips to recognize and cultivate your inner-shero.

2. Know Where You Are In Your Journey Here are the most commonly noted stages of the shero’s Journey. In which part of the shero’s journey spectrum are you?

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Are you enjoying the ordinary world (the familiar) and its day to day predictability?  Or, have you been called to leave your comfort zone? Could you be in an ordeal? Are you debating whether or not you should heed the call? 

Leaving the ordinary takes bravery, and for those brave enough to heed the call to action, it’s important to seek out those mentors along the way.  They may come in the form of coaches, elders, friends, or relatives. Mentors can help with the next stages of the journey – the tests and the ordeal. Listen to them.

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But, although mentorship and advice are needed, it should be integrated with your own knowledge – nothing beats inner-guidance as a compass for direction.  No one knows your life better than you.

3. Strengthen Resolve When it’s time to weather the “ordeal”, it’s a must to stay centered and not get swayed by external forces. Stay in the knowledge that all will work out well. Sometimes it may seem easier to give up but keep going – feeling stretched is common.

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To help, try a daily spiritual practice, or a morning routine to help anchor intentions for the day ahead. For those pursuing a dream, remember even “dreams don’t work unless you do.”  Keep going!

4. Highlight Everything Going Well Also, during the “ordeal” stage, take inventory and measure the wins, not just what is lacking. True, sometimes there might be a moment where progress feels stagnant and things may not go smoothly. But, when something less than desired happens, learn how to change the way you express it.

5. Reframe the Story Since people often replay life events over and over mentally, it’s important to learn to reframe what did not go or what may not be going well.

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Reframing a story is a technique used by many leaders for influence, and since every story has different points of views, it’s easy to do. The same story that feels dis-empowering can be turned around to empower you.  Give it a try. Write down something that has happened and reframe the story from a viewpoint of abundance and empowerment. Stay Strong!!

There hasn’t been a Hero’s Journey written (that I know of) that doesn’t end in triumph.

Wherever you are in your stage of the journey, know that triumph is the end result.

So that means that you, too, are a hero!

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If you are interested in learning more storytelling techniques for self-empowerment, please contact me on instagram.com/maureen_asantewaa. Looking for a great spring read?  Check out “Tenth Year in the Sun.”

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Maureen Lomo
In high school, Maureen dabbled in poetry, but it would be over twenty years before she entertained the idea of writing professionally. She received her B.A. from the University of Texas and went on to a career in H.R. in Houston and D.C. before eventually working for the Dept. of State overseas. There, she experienced many fulfilling moments as she traveled and worked around the world. Now, as Maureen writes, she makes international culture and sisterhood a recurring theme in her work. She crafts her inspirational literature from her home base in Austin, Texas.