I met Zuri Walker in an elevator as we were leaving a conference in Chicago this summer. I asked what brought her to the conference and she told me that she’d left a management consulting career to follow her passion for helping others transform their lives.  The passion and conviction she had for her work was infectious.  We exchange cards and I told her that I would be launching Ms. X Factor which was a sharp departure from my day job as well.  We both hopped into our respective ride share cars and pulled off.

You never know why people come into your life in those serendipitous moments.

An hour later, we ran into each other at the airport.  While going through security we discovered that we were in the same sorority and had a mutual friend.  We stood just beyond the security line and chatted like we’d know each other for years until we both realized we needed to get to the gate.  I knew we would stay in touch and I looked forward to an opportunity to work together in our new ventures.

Weeks later, Zuri showed up on my Facebook feed in a live post as I was finishing up my last tasks at my computer for the day.  The message she spoke hit me like a ton of bricks.  The concept of  “let go” is counter-intuitive to us hard driving “make sh– happen” women. She couldn’t have been more right. By letting go we make room for the things we need to come to us. We also make room for us to be a blessing to others.  Zuri’s passionate words encouraged me to really try to let go more.


You’ve got to watch this clip. Trust me. You’ll thank us later.

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Tausha Robertson
Healthcare expert by day and a blogger by night. Founder of Ms. X Factor, a platform for relevant online content and curated offline experiences for multicultural, Gen X women.