Hi Ladies, I am Corynne Corbett and I am Ms. X Factor’s new Contributing Beauty Editor. I wanted to stop by to introduce myself and share my philosophy about beauty with you before my weekly columns begin. If you are not familiar with me, and the work that I have done over the years, here is a short bio: I have worked in the beauty departments of some of the largest magazines including Elle, Real Simple and ESSENCE and I was also the editor-in-chief of both MODE and Heart &Soul. Before that, I was what can only be described as a kitchen beautician and makeup artist with only one client, myself.

Four years ago, I started on an entrepreneurial path and up until now, I wasn’t that excited about adding beauty writing to that to-do list. Why? Besides the field being crowded by bloggers, vloggers and new sites cropping up what seemed like daily, in my opinion there seemed to be a sameness to many of the approaches. You know what I mean: lots of beautiful product shots with a caption of information here or there and tons of pics from Instagram. (Yes, I know digital media is in the click business.) Add to the Kardashian/Jenner overload and much too much cultural appropriation and you already feel my pain, well not really pain, let’s call it an annoyance. While there’s no doubt that there are many folks (including many of you), who find these articles entertaining, at this stage in my life I am looking for something more. I am looking for the story behind the caption and the why. No, not the Simon Sinek existential answer we need for our life’s work and mission in his seminal book, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Action, but the practical whys you know the one that answers questions such as: Why am I experiencing this issue? Why a product, a procedure or place is the answer and most of all, Why should I care? Then there are the other important questions: Is this really for multicultural women? Does it work on all skin tones? How will it help me? Will it save me time or money? Is this going to end up in the beauty junk drawer aka the land of bad purchases?

We’ve already been told that if a trend isn’t Millennial, many won’t think it’s ‘cool’. But the truth is that even Millennials have grown weary of Millennial marketers. The other reality is that this is not Logan’s Run, where our ability to be stylish or beautiful is tied to our age.

Gen-Xers are paradoxes living both in a Cardi B and Mary J. Blige world. And when it comes to beauty the paradox remains.

Just because you don’t have an extra time to bake your face—because you know your life, work, kids could use that time—doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best. I know you are on YouTube doing natural hair or curl research too. And while K-Beauty has a helluva lot of steps, you want to know how you can get your skin glowing in half the time. You are also wondering why your hair isn’t as thick as it used to be and can’t for the life of you understand why you are experiencing breakouts now when you didn’t during your teenage years.

So that is why I think that it is time for some Grown Women beauty information, especially for Multicultural Gen-Xers. Information that addresses issues you are facing or will face, solutions that save time or money and products— those that will work for you and those you will love just because. I hope you will come along for the ride.

Got questions about a specific beauty conundrum? Hit the comments below and I will address it in an upcoming column. Or follow me on Instagram @corynnec



Corynne Corbett
I work at the intersection of beauty, technology, storytelling, and empowerment. I believe that beauty can be used as a catalyst to change the world.