Today is the best day of Tracye Warfield’s life. Tomorrow will also be the best day of Warfield’s life….and the next. And the next. And the next.  For the author, inspiration expert and global citizen, every day is the best day of her life. “I wake up every morning telling myself that,” she told Ms. X Factor.

“People are not excited about their lives. But I want people to know that you don’t need anything except for the next inhale and exhale – as long as you are breathing.”

Warfield has made a life of living the best life possible. And she attempts to help others achieve the same. She does not embrace the title of life coach – life coach, she said, is an overstatement for her. She is a cheerleader! “There is a term I use a lot – poms poms up! People call on me to encourage them,” she said. “I am that person who is constantly saying, ‘Yes, do that!’ I can sit and listen to people for hours and remind them of their light and finding their light in what they perceive to be darkness.”

People, she said, have been known to invite her to lunch just so she can cheer them on. And yet, it is ironic that her life’s work is cheering others on because she was a horrible cheerleader in high school, she jokes. “We are on this earth to create and to serve. For people who really know me, they know that I am a doer; they know that I am a dream doer,” she said. “I am not just a dreamer, I am a dream doer. I jump out and take those, what some may call risks but I call massive actions to live my dreams and inspire others to do the same.”

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In a society increasingly inundated with negativity, Warfield seems to be an anomaly. Her radiant energy, big personality, and  perspectives on life and living could easily be dismissed as self-helpy or cliché– which she totally understands. But, she isn’t selling a bill of goods, to borrow a popular phrase. She is selling what she knows.

“At or around  30 I was faking my way up the corporate ladder,” she admits.

“I had moved back to the Bay Area, where I am from, and was miserable.” The year was 2000. She was working in corporate America after graduating from Arizona State. She had plenty – disposable income, a beautiful lake view apartment – everything was amazing. But she wasn’t fulfilled. “I hated it. I remember having coffee with a friend of mine from high school and saying to her, ‘I just hate my life.’

It was the first time I had ever actually said just how I was feeling out loud,” she said. “I feel like there was so much more I could be doing; that God had not put me on the earth to do what I was doing at that moment.” She needed to go, Warfield said. She wasn’t looking for any advice. She wasn’t looking for her friend to affirm her or deny her. She was not seeking permission from her friend to stay in the world she was in, or to get out. She, said Warfield, was simply sharing with a good friend. “She responded to me, ‘Well just go then!”

That was it. It was a simple remark, and yet for Warfield, it was the brightest moment in her memory. It was an awakening moment – one that brought everything before and everything since into focus.

“I just got woke,” she said. “I was on a different path than what was prescribed for me. I needed to do something different.”

I didn’t know what that something was, I just knew that voice, that heartbeat – that thing that some of us call God, universe, whatever – was telling me that I was just ghosting it.”

She started on herself. If she was to live her best life possible, she had to get herself right first, right? Through yoga and diet, she got her body and her mind together. And it was scary in the beginning. “Yoga is scary,” she said. “Especially starting out because you convince yourself, ‘I am not that flexible.’ But it taught me the importance of breathing. Breathing is essential to yoga.”


In her book, Breathe Big. Live Big. A Starter Guide for Your Awesome Life, she gives a nod to yoga. It was through writing the book, which she released in September 2017, that she said she was reminded of the importance of breathing and began breathing again. “I don’t consider myself a writer, but I knew I was writing a book. When I sat down to write, I knew what I was sitting down to write,” she said. “I wanted to share my story. I wanted to share with people how I get through stuff, how I continue to laugh and smile and go on.

I wrote this book for women who are in some form of transition in their life, who are in doubt and scared.

Whether they are getting married, or just out of college, or thinking about kids, or fresh from a divorce, or in recovery; I want them to know that they deserve the most amazing parts of this life,” she said.

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Something that Tracye  has learned in her journey, is what she calls the responsibility of service. “You are here to serve other people but you cannot do that if you are a hot mess,” she said. “Get still. Breathe a lot. Ask for guidance and direction. Get vision for your life. Start to walk and drag fear and doubt with you as you go.”

She also wants to remind people that life is not by happenstance. That moment with her friend was just the culmination of many moments in her life before then. Before that moment, there had been little whispers. “Even as a child. Most of us are really just getting little whispers…everything in life, everything we go through; the good, bad and the ugly are preparing us for that moment – mine just happened to be on that day at 29, 30,” she said. “If you can in that moment…it is up to us to recognize the moment.”

Her journey, she said, is the typical journey. “We start, we run into some walls, we learn from that moment, we rise up, we restart and we keep going,” she said. “I love to laugh. I love to enjoy every moment of this life. I do not understand when people feel as though the same is not available to them, even in the bad times. If we keep living and enjoying every moment, our lives will continually get better.”

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