How amazing is it when you start to manifest the life you’ve been dreaming; the one that’s been hanging out in your head or on the fabulous vision board you created? Pretty freakin’ amazing! And, challenging. What happens when you start to make positive changes in your life? Well, first, you’ll probably get some good pushback from little fear, doubt and the rest of the naysaying cronies who live in your head. Next, you could get a few side eyes from those who’ve been cozy comfortable with who you were and are less than thrilled about this “Go Get Your Life” stuff. Amazing. Challenging.

The amazing part is where you get to celebrate all of the victories -big and small – as you begin to transform your mind, body, and spirit. The challenging part is where you decide to double down and keep playing your cards. It’s working. You’re getting brighter, in spite of discomfort, judgement, or even pain and hardship. You’ve taken the wheel and are blossoming into your most authentic self.

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This is where you don’t give up. This is where you realize that it’s all just a part of the process – – the growing, the shedding, the blessings, the failures, and the wins. Trust the process. You’re going the right way. I get it, though. I’m on the journey too.

We’re constantly inundated with “instant gratification” this, “before and after”, snapshots that. You rarely see what it takes to get to the “after” or if you do, it’s filtered up.

We get bamboozled into thinking that we’re just a green juice and an idea for a startup away from the awesome life of our dreams.

Trust the process. You’re rebooting the true you. You’re redirecting negative thoughts and tossing out limiting beliefs. You’re stripping away any non-serving dead weight from your past and turning the spotlight on today and this new life you’re creating for you and those you serve. It takes time and a consistent showing up with bells on. It’s a journey. It’s a process. Trust it, drive on, and remember:

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Patience and perseverance. Keep coming back to the breath to help you chill out when the waters get rocky or if you lose a bit (or a lot) of steam. It’s coming. Know that you know this and decide that the quality of your life depends on you staying with it.

Joy along the path. I spent way too many years not having fun with this life. I don’t wish the same for you or anyone. Life’s a beach. Play in the sand. Go topless. Surf the waves. Bask in the sun.

Make this journey one that leaves a legacy of joy versus struggle and hardship and missed birthday parties.

You can let go but you can’t quit. “When you release something because it’s toxic and blocking your joy and light, it may be difficult or hard, but there’s a lift, a little rainbow high that comes from dropping it. When you quit, it sits with you forever and gnaws at you forever. Yeah, they’re different, right?”  – Breathe Big Live Big: A Starter Guide from Your Awesome Life.

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I’m bowing to your light and your commitment to honor the best in you. There’s no better time than now to be shaping and molding your life in ways that lift yourself and others. Keep going.

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Tracye Warfield
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