The holidays should be a joyful time of gatherings with family and friends. A time to disconnect from the hustle of work life and relish in the occasions that make memories.  All too often, this joyous time is ruined by well meaning or sometimes not so well meaning friends or relatives. We live in a world of curated lives via Facebook and Instagram and if you are the woman who hasn’t checked all the requisite marriage and children boxes, conversations can get uncomfortable quickly.  She could have found a cure for cancer but all anyone will focus on is “When are you going to get married?” or “Why don’t you have kids?” as if the lack of these things negates ALL the good she does in this world!  Tracee Ellis Ross is all us of trying to navigate the prying questions and judgment associated with being over 40, unmarried and/or childless. She, too, hears  comments like  “Oh, you just haven’t found the right guy yet,” “what are you going to DO?”“Oh, you poor thing” “why is someone like you still single” “have you ever thought of having kids?” “why don’t you just have a kid on your own.”

 “It’s never ending and not helpful.”

Before you board that plane home for the holidays, watch Tracee’s speech and remember her words, “The Brave You gives you the courage to hold your own agency, your own choice, your own desire, your own longings, your own fear, your own grief, your own future. She’s just one aspect of your soul that helps you become your fully embodied and completely integrated real, true self. She’s in you right now, in your journal, in the back of your mind, in your Netflix queue, waiting for your invitation. So let her out, let her have her glory. This beautiful, powerful part of you is just waiting for your invitation.”

We’ve got your back, Sis. Be you in all your glory. The people who are for you are for you no matter which boxes are checked or unchecked.


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