Travel is the ultimate inspiration. Even the slightest change of scenery can renew perspective and revitalize energy. Something truly magical happens when we take the time to step outside of our daily routines to relax, reconnect, and just be. When it comes to fearless exploration, women are going for it. We are booking flights, collecting passport stamps, and embarking on exciting adventures at higher rates than ever before. If you’re long overdue for your next travel break,

These Four Travel Stories Are Sure To Inspire Your Next Vacation Getaway:


1. Carol Cain, Girl Gone Travel


It takes a brave mom to lure her 10 and 11-year-old boys on a totally unplugged, Wi-Fi free vacation, and Carol Cain is just the woman for the job!  Find out how this Public Relations professional turned award-winning travel blogger, managed this heroic feat in “Unplugged in Woodstock, Vermont.” A Latina advocate for diversity in Media, this self proclaimed “Brooklyn girl in Jersey” has no shortage of fun adventures.

2. Mia Herman, Travel with Mia


Account Executive, Photographer, and second generation Flight Attendant, Mia Herman has done it all!  A renaissance woman in the truest sense, Mia has worked, lived, and explored all over the world and she has the photos to prove it. Of all the amazing adventures documented in her travel blog, we are especially smitten with “Love & Passports: 1 Couple, 5 Years, and 10 Countries.”  This photographic journal entry gives us a peak at Mia’s five years of love and wanderlust with her husband.

3. Juno Kim, Runaway Juno


Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, when Juno Kim left her career as a mechanical engineer it sent shock waves through her traditional conservative family. Refusing to be discouraged, Juno transformed the momentum of her already popular travel site into a full-time career as a travel blogger. This list of her “7 Best Travel Experiences of 2015,” gives an in-depth view of her amazing adventures around the globe.

4. Ebony F., Naomi Tene’ Austin


According to a 2014 survey conducted by, more than half of American women travelers are going solo.

Maybe it’s the excitement of mapping unfamiliar subway lines or the freedom to scrap plans on a whim… Whatever the case, there is something exhilarating about traveling alone in a new city.

When Editor and Writer Ebony F. left her corporate gig in full-time pursuit of her creative passion, a solo trip abroad provided a path to self-discovery. Originally published in Blavity, How I Found My Tribe In Paris” will inspire you to pull out your passport and make new friends.

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