Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored practical tips for maintaining a positive outlook step-by-step advice for glorious living. Now, it’s time to focus on the work that will support your journey and give you strength and flexibility of body to make the right moves toward your destiny.

There is no Awesome Life when the physical body is a hot mess of unhealthiness.

I don’t care what you’ve heard or are working hard to convince your ego-self. It doesn’t work that way. Sorry love, there is no magic pill. You’re gonna need to report to duty in whatever outfit (or non-outfit) the workout requires and shape up. – – Breathe Big Live Big: A Starter Guide for Your Awesome Life

Tough love, I know. But so needed when you’re manifesting the life of your dreams. And, you are, right? This isn’t just about getting your downward dog on, joining your local gym, or even running a marathon. It’s about looking at how you treat the temple that is your magnificent body.

Yes, that’s right. Magnificent! This is the body that keeps you walking this Earth so that you can do simple to the most wonderful things, and show up fit and fabulous for those you love and serve. It needs some focused attention and consistent maintenance. It requires a tune up regularly so that it can keep on keepin’ on. It deserves to be honored and adored.

“But where do I find the time?” you say. You mean the time for you?

Queen, just like you find the time for everyone and everything else. You schedule it. You make it a priority. You decide that self care, self love, is the new black.

You check back in daily with your vision of where you see yourself in a year or ten years. You realize that if you’re going to get there (and you are!), you might want to be able to enjoy it with mind, body, and soul. And that won’t be possible if you’re physical worn or broken.

It’s time to shape up. And, it’s as simple as deciding to start. So, take a moment, close your eyes. Take an inhale and an exhale. See yourself vibrant, fit, and ready to rock. Get all giddy about sculpting your new lifestyle of healthy living. Wrap your positive thoughts and vision around this new you. Take another inhale and another exhale. Open your eyes and go get it!

Check Out These Four Steps To Start or Recharge Your Body Plan:

Photo: Clutch Magazine

1.Work it. Find something that you enjoy that gets you moving. You won’t stick with anything you don’t like for long. It doesn’t have to involve an expensive gym and pricey yoga pants. Not sure? What are your family, friends, or colleagues up to? Get in on it. You’re more likely to hang out in the fitness happy place of life when you’re doing it with others anyway.

2. Nourish it. Let’s talk food, shall we? Time to get honest about what goes into your temple and how it’s either energizing and glowing your body or…well…not. Are you eating enough whole, fresh foods? Water, anyone? Does your nutrition plan align with your vision of who you are and who are becoming? If not, today’s a good day to turn it around.

3. Pamper it. We pound our bodies daily with the hustle that is life. Don’t forget to take time to give it the love it needs to regenerate. Become a fan of the spa day or self love day. Get that massage, take that long luxurious bath, be a “lady who lunches”, and call a time out so that you can breathe and restore.

4. Rest it. Get sleep. Get sleep. No, seriously…get more sleep.

You deserve a healthy body. It feeds your spirit and elevates your game. Know that you’ve got this. All you have to do is start.


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Tracye Warfield
Tracye Warfield is a speaker, author, inspiration & wellness expert who cheers people to rock their best lives via motivational talks, books, blogs, workshops & retreats.