“How are you always so positive?” she asked.

“Always is a strong word. But I’ll just say that most of the time I just change my mind about my mind.” I responded.

“What does that even mean?” she said, looking at me sideways.

“It means I’m constantly choosing my thoughts – – how I want to feel, what I believe, what I want to do, and where I want to go, regardless of the nonsense I think. And, most of the time it’s just that – – nonsense.” I replied.

“That’s it?” she asked.

“That’s a big slice of it.” I said with a smile.

It was an intense, weeklong leadership workshop where everyone I met was in awe of how happy and motivated I appeared to be every single day, every single talk, every single presentation, and every single encounter. They were amazed. And…I could see them waiting for me to crack. It had to be an act. No one could hang out in that “happy happy joy joy” space for too long. No way. No how. I had to crack.

When you’re focused on bringing your brightest and boldest light to the world, you’ve got to turn it on from the inside. And that starts with editing the playlist in your head.

Well, I didn’t crack. It wasn’t an act. It was, and is, a practice of getting your mind right. It’s about finding the magic of the moment wherever you are, whoever you’re with, and with whatever’s going on. It’s about shining a light on the Awesome person you’re becoming. It’s about getting wild giddy about living your life’s vision and serving a whole bunch of folks while you’re still breathing. It’s about doing all of this while watching the Oscar-nominated negative drama of little fear, doubt, worry, stress, frustration and the rest of their cousins play out in your head. That’s right. Now you’re getting it…

It’s a mind game.

And, if you want to rock the life of your dreams, you’ve got to not only get in the game, you’ve got to play to win. And, keep playing to win with each and every thought.

I’m not the first to say that what you think, you become. Also, what you think, you do. What you think you share with the world. And, what you think shows up all over your body and radiates for everyone to see and feel, whether it’s Pom Poms Up Positive or No No Negative. So, you’re either bouncing around with a smile, putting out “I’m focused, taking big ol’ action, ready to catch all of my blessings” vibes. Or, you’re walking around looking and acting like a storm cloud’s about to burst over your head without your heavy-duty umbrella.

Regardless, the universe is eating it all up, taking notes, and sending you exactly what your mind and your thoughts, are asking for. So you might want to choose wisely.

If you’re on the “Go Get Your Life” team, than you’ve got to bring your mind up-to- speed with the game plan or you’ll end up hanging out right where you are or worse. And, if right where you are floats your boat, makes you want to skip to work and is saving the world, than you’re good I suppose. If not, then maybe a new practice is in order.

Photo: LinkedIn/Tracye Warfield

Five tips to help get your mind on the winning team starting today:

  1. Get a vision. It’s too easy to let your thoughts run around in circles when you’re not clear on what you want to do with your life. So, take some time to write down your hopes and dreams. You get extra points for an actual vision board!
  2. Be a watcher. So, if your negative, unproductive thoughts want to put on a show, then ok. It happens. Your job is to show up as an observer, not a participant. Get in the practice of seeing them like a movie. Well, maybe like a movie where you’re the director, cool? You can scream “Cut!” at any moment and replay the scene in whatever way that serves you and others.
  3. Close your eyes, breathe,and see your victories. Visualize your wins. Take a good inhale and an even better exhale. Even in the midst of difficult times and challenges, play past and future life victories in your head. Constantly cheerlead the wins, small and big, in your present and future life.
  4. AFFIRMATIONS! Think your life into existence. Speak your life into being. I walk around all day, everyday repeating positive affirmations in my head. “I’m a beautiful badass rockstar!”, “Abundance is mine!” Yep! I’m that person. And you should be too, if you’re going to be lifted and motivated to create and manifest. Affirmations are a powerful way to train the mind and direct your thoughts. Think it’s silly? I dare you to go all in and see what happens!
  5. Get still everyday. This is the part where you get quiet, get still (or meditate) and just let whatever comes come and whatever goes go. Want to keep your mind in the game? How about starting with just 5 minutes of stillness? It works wonders for getting clear and real about the stories our thoughts can tell. It’s also the best way to open yourself up to the directions, the guidance, that you need to design a life that rocks.

Let’s keep it real. This is a practice. Some days will feel like “Yes! I got my mind right! Let’s get this!” and others like “Not so much. When’s lunch?” The value and the movement comes from showing up to each and every moment with attention to your thoughts and how they’re either holding you back or driving you forward to the life you deserve.



Tracye Warfield
Tracye Warfield is a speaker, author, inspiration & wellness expert who cheers people to rock their best lives via motivational talks, books, blogs, workshops & retreats.