I’m a self-described nomad and a butterfly because I’m constantly on the move and changing. Who would’ve thought three years ago, I’d go from working at embassies to writing novels? But, here I am, writing about the values I cherish most: sisterhood, culture, and transformation.

I’ve lived in many places and feel as though I’ve lived many lives.  I had the explorative twenties and then the responsible thirties. Each ‘me’ probably wouldn’t recognize the other, and now I’m in ‘unchartered territory’ as I begin my forties.

The ‘reinvention’ happened unexpectedly. The tail-end of my thirties started normally until a life-changing moment in South Africa.  That’s when I knew I had more inside of me to be explored, a story waiting to be told.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou

Luckily, at that time, I also stopped caring what people thought I should be or do.  So, I took a leap of faith and decided to live following my heart – and my heart wanted to write.

I delved headfirst into writing ‘the untold story’ and afterward soon realized how little I’d known about the book industry. Then suddenly, I stopped feeling like a butterfly and felt more like a caterpillar – bumbling, and awkwardly feeling my way around a new environment.

Fortunately, I remembered that caterpillars are still butterflies, and their ‘ugly’ stage is the most crucial. The caterpillar’s sole job is to nourish itself in order to withstand the change into a butterfly. So, in turn, I surrounded myself with nurturing friends, positive people, and the knowledge to help me grow and evolve.

“It’s not where your dreams take you, it’s where you take your dreams.” Maya Angelou

I kept going and sharing my story, which led me to MsXFactor, and I am so happy to be amongst this community of beautiful souls.

In future contributions, I will write more about the vision and the journey. I will also share what fuels me (from the fun to inspirational) and what I’ve learned — all from my global, multi-cultural point of view. In 2018, I look forward to growing the wings to help carry the dream.  Come join me; and, let’s grow our wings together!


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Maureen Lomo
In high school, Maureen dabbled in poetry, but it would be over twenty years before she entertained the idea of writing professionally. She received her B.A. from the University of Texas and went on to a career in H.R. in Houston and D.C. before eventually working for the Dept. of State overseas. There, she experienced many fulfilling moments as she traveled and worked around the world. Now, as Maureen writes, she makes international culture and sisterhood a recurring theme in her work. She crafts her inspirational literature from her home base in Austin, Texas.