I’m honored to be part of Ms. X Factor and will be contributing a series called ‘What The Mountains Know: Life, Unstuck.‘ The series will begin in coming weeks, and I wanted to introduce myself and provide context for the subject matter and content. My background is both diverse and broad (high-tech, brand creation, performance arts, coaching), but were I to select my greatest passions, I’d choose: author, artist and experience creator (www.velvetmoonchronicles.com).

I am a person who slowly awoke and found myself restless, yearning, and hungry. Although I am not a scientist, psychologist, or spiritualist, what I learned on my journey toward meeting myself and embodying my true expression and honoring the flow of inspiration, is the impetus for creating the Grid Work, which is the basis for the ‘What The Mountains Know’ book, and subsequent Ms. X Factor series.

For the last ten years, I’ve been on a deeply personal path toward actualization—a journey rewarding in its ability to foster clarity and conscious living. If I’m honest, I didn’t choose to step onto the path.

I was pushed.

I was thrust out of my comfort zone onto a path that has led me back to myself, and I wouldn’t change or reverse the walk I’ve taken—and am continuing to take—for anything in the world.

Organically, I began noticing that people around me were gravitating toward their own respective paths and, in so doing, were longing for like-minded fellowship; comrades to walk with and among when they needed support. In seeing this trend increase exponentially, specifically over the past few years, I began writing, coaching, and opening up my own experience as a way of bringing a sense of unity to those on this journey.

Between coaching others and my own personal experience, I’ve uncovered an absolute Universal truth: you are what resonates from deep within your being, the unique expression only you were given—one that rises up through the floor of your soul and sends shockwaves through your heart. You are gloriously and wonderfully made, and until you let in your resolute greatness, you will feel the constant pang of its absence. You are not other people’s expectations. You are not the sum of all the parts thrust upon you, whether societal or familial. You are not a product of your environment. The only thing you are, is yours: you own you.

Within the pages of this book, you will find that through the world’s deafening noise, there is a quiet space—a path that will lead you back to your soul. It is here that you can unify the fragmented particles of the stardust from which you are made, from which we are all made. You were created to make waves. You were created to whip up the wind. You were created to move mountains.

I cannot wait to spend time with you and I appreciate your interest in the journey!

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Shannon Denise Evans
Shannon owns a boutique marketing & branding agency in NYC and is the author of 'What The Mountains Know' and the novel series 'Velvet Moon Chronicles'.