No shade to the “new year, new me” maxim, I’m all for a bit of dedicated self-reflection. But, as we close out the first week of a brand new year, I’m taking a fresh new approach. This year is less about dedicating myself to a host of new habits and more about bidding farewell to the old ones I’m leaving behind.

Here are 8 things we’re NOT going to do in 2018:

1. Taking on too much. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach when it comes to putting too many projects on my plate. As a consultant, I come across amazing, “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities all the time. But, I can’t attend every event, review every book, or jump onboard with every amazing start-up. Before I tarnish my brand with an impossible workload, I vow to be mindful about what I can and cannot realistically accomplish.

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2. Auto-piloting. Why am I doing this? This question will determine all my yes’s and no’s in 2018. No more doing things just to do them. No more checking off arbitrary boxes. This year is all about intention.

3. Procrastinating. 

A post shared by Ebony F. (@ebflake) on 4. Letting outside energy in. No one and nothing is killing my vibe in 2018! Energy is real and totally transferable, but this year I’m holding myself accountable for my own vibration.  I will keep myself lifted in high consciousness no matter what. Period.

4. Allowing Outside Energy In Please don’t kill my vibe. Energy is real and 100 percent transferable. As an empath I’m super sensitive to the vibrations of others but this year, I’ll keep myself lifted in high consciousness, no matter what. 

5. Caring too much. I’m not much for keeping up with the Jones’ from a materialistic perspective, but when it comes to minding what they think of me…let’s just say there’s still room for improvement. This year is about liberating myself from the opinions of others- within reason, of course. This is not to say that I won’t continue to weigh feedback and digest constructive criticism (we all have our blind spots), but ultimately when it comes to my life and my decisions, nobody’s opinion carries more weight than my own.

6. Overthinking. Thinking is good but overthinking is a waste of time, energy, and peace of mind. Not this year.

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7. Bottling things up. I’m notoriously non-confrontational but there’s a price to pay for holding things in. This year I’m confronting what’s worthy of being confronted and letting go of the rest.

8. Self Deprivation. The past few years have been all about delayed gratification, and rightfully so. Cutting back, trimming the frills, and investing in my business has been the cadence of my life. Now that all the hard work, faith, and discipline has started to pay off, it’s time to book that long awaited spa day, dust off the old passport, and enjoy some fruits of my labor. I’ve earned it!


Listen y’all, your girl is all for a good New Year’s Resolution! I can goal map and vision board with the best of them, but this year is less about implementing fresh new habits and more about eliminating the old ones that no longer serve me. Amen?

Here’s to a happy, blessed, and purposeful New Year!

The conversation doesn’t stop here. Drop a comment below and let us know what you’re NOT going to do in 2018.



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