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“…Acknowledging the trauma that black women hold in our bellies and bones, that has been embedded in our very DNA.” – Vanessa Garrison

Obesity in America has reached epidemic levels, and according to a 2014 Special Report on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Obesity, African-American women are at the helm of this alarming trend. Statistics show that four out of every five black women are overweight, and one out of four middle-aged black women are living with diabetes. We are facing a health crisis like never before.

We know the data, but what’s the truth?

“Why are black women dying faster and at higher rates than any other group of people in America from preventable, obesity-related diseases?” -T. Morgan Dixon

Underlying every seemingly detrimental statistic lies a narrative, some social context, and more often than not, at least in the case of African-Americans, some systemic contributors that must be addressed in order to effect real and lasting change.

In this TED Talk, activists T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison get to the root of these stats with reverence to the lineage of women who have carried the weight of this country – both figuratively and literally. Watch as the dynamic founders of Washington, D.C. based nonprofit GirlTrek give insight and practical solutions to keep us alive.




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