“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror” – Byron Katie

If you asked ten women to describe self-love, I’m sure you’d get ten different answers. And, I absolutely hope that you get ten different answers because we’re all different. Hello! The term “self-love” has been thrown around a lot lately. It’s popular. It’s trending. It’s got it’s own hashtag and everything. #SelfLove is hot! But what does it really mean? What does it look like in the real world?

If you look at social media feeds, self love could be anything from daily “I am beautiful. I am AWESOME!” affirmations, to buying yourself the latest pair of Jimmy Choos, to adoring your voluptuous body, to setting time aside for just you, cuddled by a warm fire, jammies on, sipping a glass of wine. So which is it?

Well, our friend Google defines it this way

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Ok, cool. If we love ourselves then we’re not narcissists. Well, that’s good news. So, let’s vibe on the well-being and happiness pieces of this self-loving puzzle. What could they look like? How could they manifest in your life? It’s time we demystify this whole phenomenon and practice what we profess.

Here are 5 Ways to Put Self Love Into Action:

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1.”You’re #1! You’re #1!” This is not news, right? It’s all about deciding to put yourself first. It’s about taking care of you first and foremost, so that you can serve others with your brightest light. You can’t help anybody when you’re broken. I repeat, you can’t help anybody when you’re broken. Clear? Ok, place yourself at the top of the list. If that hasn’t been the case, you’ve got a whole new day in front of you to reorganize. Ask yourself, what would it take to tend to your mind, body, and soul needs? What would that look like? Envision it. Write it. Share it with your person or the people who mean the most to you and want you to thrive, so that they can support your efforts, if you desire.

2. Show up authentically you. We live in a world of influencers who tell and show us everyday, all day, what we’re supposed look like, how we should dress, and where we should get the best green juice. What if you took a little vacay from someone else’s definition of you? What if you insisted that you are enough just as you are? What if you pulled out your “Fabulous Me!” flag and waved it around for all to see? Me thinks, the world would be a better place for having you do you in the way that feels most honest and true for today.

3. Seek joy in the moment. It’s easy to fall away from the love of present you, when you’re trying to hang out with past you or future you. Whew! Living outside of this moment, can make you nervous, fearful, sad, angry…you name it. Not so much love, right? It can take you so far away from settling in and wrapping your arms around all things amazing with “now” you. Focus on staying right here in this moment. Set your eyes on what’s brilliant and beaming from inside of you today. And, before you go there, let me remind you that there’s an abundance of awesomeness right now. No matter what. You’re a walking, abundant, joyful being right now. Name it and claim it.

4. Listen to and follow your brilliant and compassionate inner voice. You were born with an inner compass that always points you towards love. It’s a thing. Isn’t that great? So, all you have to do is pay attention and honor it. Have you ever noticed that those people who appear to be the happiest and all in-love with themselves are glowing? Yeah, they’re letting that love compass lead the way in all of their life choices. It feels good. It lights them up. Cool thing, right? So, get quiet, get still, meditate, pray, and allow that voice, that compass to take the wheel.

5. Give yourself a break.¬†You’re doing the best you can. Or, maybe you’re not at the present moment. Ok. Why beat yourself up? It doesn’t serve anybody. Love yourself, regardless. You are a goddess and the world is craving your light. So what if you’re scared, if you fail, or if you’re not trending. You’re all that and a bowl of cherries, don’t you know? Love yourself, no matter what.

Give yourself the gift of you. You deserve it!
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