There seems to be a tipping point when it becomes more socially acceptable for women to nuzzle into their lives than risk pivoting in a new direction. Just shy of my mid-thirties, I arrived at that precarious spot.

The problem was, I didn’t feel cozy inside of my life. To the contrary, I was awkward and uncomfortable in the reality I intentionally constructed for myself. While I didn’t let that stop me from continuing in blind pursuit of the next milestone on my “things women must do” checklist, it was the first in a series of prompts that lead to a larger shift.

To further complicate matters, it was around this time that I also felt a strong nudge to abandon my coveted rung on the corporate ladder. But to do so, in pursuit of something as precarious as “purpose” seemed backwards and certifiably insane to me and my chorus of well-meaning loved ones.

As my peers and I scrambled to do all the things, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Ebony, why are you doing this?” Almost always followed by, “Who do you think you are not to?”

Fast forward four years, and I am no longer beholden to the pursuit of checking boxes for checked boxes sake. I now recognize that we are all free to design our own life templates.

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Now more than ever, women are pursuing their own paths on their own timelines and terms.

Whether that path encompasses a more traditional role or extends outside the box, the lovely thing is that we get to chose. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we honor the centuries of audacious women, known and unknown, who have made that choice possible. Those who have dared to define themselves for themselves, often in spite of social and cultural norms.

And, just in case you’re in need of a friendly reminder that your tenacity has no expiration date, get into these inspirational quotes from

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