It seems everywhere you look people are listening to podcasts. It is no surprise, since these downloadable installments are available online and come in an array of topics and formats. Indeed, there is something for everyone so things can get a bit noisy. So to quiet the noise, I’ve chosen a few that I find funny, informative and relevant to the interests of the diverse women that we are. The six podcasts listed below are geared towards women, and since they are also produced and hosted by women, they are pretty on point.

Support is Sexy

Hosted by media entrepreneur Elayne Fluker, this one is for the ladies that are about their business. Ms. Fluker, with her silky smooth voice, speaks with businesswomen who share the details on how they achieved their business goals.

No one is preachy or condescending here. Instead, I find the guests to be down to earth and eager to provide listeners with tales of their own missteps and hard-learned lessons so that they can be avoided.

With 5 episodes a week, the podcast provides plenty of valuable business advice. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting a business consulting session –for free! And that’s priceless.

RANTS & RANDOMNESS with Luvvie Ajayi 

She started out with a hugely popular website where she gave laugh-out-loud recaps of some of our favorite television shows. Her recaps of “Scandal “even caught the attention of The Shonda Rhimes.  Now a bonafide media mogul herself with a best selling book (“I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual”) under her belt, she presents us with her podcast.  Luvvie’s crackling personality shines well in this format and allows her to address everyday issues with candor, concern, and (sometimes) shade. She has only been podcasting since February of this year but her available content is so rich and relatable, I’m rooting for her to do more. In one of her rants she describes a magical encounter with the iconic Cicely Tyson. In another, she reviews Donald Glover’s “This is America “ video. But it is her one-on-one interview with the actress /dancer/diva Jennifer Lewis that is the podcasts true gem to date. The host wisely falls back and lets Ms. Lewis talk and share her unique style of wit and wisdom. If you only find time to listen to one of Luvvie’s podcasts, make it this one. You won’t be disappointed.

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Food Heaven Show

This is a podcast about food. But what makes it so delicious it that topics of discussion also include nutrition, diet, and detox plans, cooking with your significant other, and so much more. Hosts Wendy and Jess, both registered dietitians with Master’s degrees in nutrition, understand how overwhelming it can be to eat right.

We all want to enjoy food and not let it be a source of stress and anxiety. They get it. They keep it simple and to the point.  Because they believe a balanced diet is key to a balanced life.


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Call Your Girlfriend

You know how you have that friend who lives in another state and you catch up every week when possible? And during that conversation you cover everything from politics, to books, to movies? You share nutrition tips, fashion trends and diet dos and don’ts?  Along the way you crack jokes and simply enjoy a great conversation with a good friend?

Well every Friday this is what Ann Friedman and her bestie Amnatou Sow are up to on this podcast. Catching up. Reconnecting. Inspiring each other. Giggling like schoolgirls. Lucky for us we are able to listen-in!

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Flipping Fifty

Women of a certain age have a certain set of health concerns, lifestyle considerations and financial challenges. In her weekly podcast, Debra Atkinson shares her advice for women over 50 based on her own experiences. She spent 34 years in a fitness career and 15 years in teaching so she is able to provide an informed opinion and offer proven facts that she hopes will help listeners take a proactive approach to maturing. The show’s catch phase, for those of us who need a reminder, sums it up best: You’ve Still Got it Girl!

Black Girl in OM

Breathe in. Breathe out. Ahhhh…if only it were that simple.  Figuring out ways to stay Zen in a crazy world is not easy. Black Girl in Om makes it a little easier by providing conversation about love, life, and light. Yes these young ladies, hosts Lauren Ash and Duen Ivory, don’t deal with the dark side. Their dedication to illumination is on display on the website of the same name.  They are currently in the process of launching their members-only wellness community where women can share their love of a positive lifestyle.

The fact that they are targeting Black Women is notable because statistically we suffer from heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure in disproportionate numbers to women of other races.

Some of this is due to lack of access to health care and lower income. Here, women are shown how to take their health into their own hands in inexpensive and accessible ways.  Want to know how to raise your vibration? Prevent health problems before they happen? Mediate more? Listening in to these discussions might be just what the doctor ordered.

When you get a chance, check these podcasts out and let me know what you think. And if you know of a few that you find interesting, feel free to share in the comments. Because it’s always nice to have something empowering in your ear while walking the dog or hitting the treadmill or waiting in line. I listen while doing the dishes! But whenever or however you listen, just listen. And learn!






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